At Equation, we deliver inspired thinking and practical solutions to your research challenges.

Our philosophy is built on three pillars:

One size does not fit all

We believe in tailoring a research approach around your unique needs. One that gets to the heart of your business issues. We don’t tie you to a specific methodology or run every solution through a black-box.

This means asking thoughtful (and sometimes tough) questions. And taking the time to learn about your business.

Humans aren’t lab rats

Long, formal and boring surveys do not lead to useful data (we can prove this). We design surveys to be as concise as possible, conversational and engaging. Why? Because humans aren’t lab rats.

We believe in employing innovative interviewing methods such as:

Survey techniques that reflect how consumers make choices in the real world to provide more accurate and predicative results.
Pioneering ways to compliment quantitative data with qualitative depth, including online ethnography, in-depth moderated online interviews and social media tools.
A holistic approach to measure how consumers experience all aspects of a brand – online and offline.
Research designed to take occasions and needs into account. Sensitive to the fact that the balance between rational and emotional needs shifts across different situations.

Business focus, not a research focus

Too many companies get stuck in an academic, task-oriented approach where the research itself is the focal point.

We believe the focus should be on business outcomes. We want to solve problems and identify opportunities for your business. We want to answer questions that give you a peek around the corner before any of your competitors.

To achieve this, a smart survey design and a report that truly “tells a story” with insightful analysis that gets to the heart of the issues is key.

This is only possible with a team who truly “gets it.” With experienced people who don’t just manage projects, but instead doggedly insist on bringing the focus back to your business.