The Model

Go ahead and ask us where we are headquartered—it’s a really fun answer and part of our DNA.

When we launched back in 2000, we set out to build and grow a company that NEVER HAD AN OFFICE. It was not a fear of the old food in the back of the refrigerator that drove us – it was the inspiration of building a different kind of experience for the people that shared in this adventure. It was part of the innovation we craved.

More than a decade later, we still work remotely (and occasionally in our pajamas, if you were wondering). Our business model is so innovative that PC Magazine named us an SMB 20 Award Winner as one of the leading companies in the U.S. for our innovative use of technology.

What does this mean for our clients? We’re so committed to keeping this distributed movement (dare we say ‘revolution’) going that everyone who touches your project from start to finish will be responsive, experienced, knowledgeable and most of all, fully committed to making your experience of doing research extraordinary!

Without the support of our wonderful clients and partners who are rooting for this model to thrive, none of this would be possible.