Technology is in our DNA. It’s who we are – a team full of people curious about new ideas, innovations and ways to push the envelope; and it’s what we do – using our platform to manage complex projects smoothly and efficiently.

SurveyLAB – our online survey platform

It’s flexible. We don’t use third party tools or companies to deploy our surveys. We’ve created a platform from scratch that bends how and when we need it to.
It’s empowering. For both respondents and clients. We’re constantly employing innovative survey tools (virtual store shelves, virtual menus, heat-mapping image analyzers, text highlighters, etc.) that make the respondent experience more engaging and interactive. This leads to better responses, better data, and better insights.
It’s extremely robust. We’ve done exhaustive testing and deployed hundreds of thousands of surveys in days. Throw something big at us, we’d love the challenge!

AnalyticsLAB – our reporting solution

Simple to complex data analysis. Whether it’s needing to run simple cross-tabs for a job you’ve done, or complex analysis, we have a tool that fits. Our online reporting solution is perfect for instant, flexible access to your survey data, while our in-house analytics team is armed with an array of tools to help mine for deeper insights.
Streamlined report creation. We’ve completely streamlined the process of data exploration, analysis and charting and along the way, turned the traditional research model on its head. Instead of spending time charting data, we spend the majority of our time thinking about your business and adding real strategic insight and context to your project.
Flexible follow-up. Because everything we do is digital, please ask us to run more tables, look at more sub-groups, dig deeper into that issue you just can’t get out of your head. Seriously, ask us. Follow-up should be easy. And with Equation, it is.

ProjectLAB – our proprietary project management system

Keeps us connected. ProjectLAB keeps our distributed company connected and running like a well-oiled machine. Our projects are updated seamlessly in real time. We can share information and learn from both success and mistakes, ensuring a super efficient, pain-free experience for all of our clients.