Equation is a full-service research company. Our philosophy is fundamentally about delivering tailored solutions. We have a set of branded services that collect together our knowledge and expertise by area, but we don’t have black-box solutions. Only what we’ve learned over years of providing clients with high quality, insightful research.

Our main service areas are:

Brand Equity and Strategy

Brands are complex these days. With so many ways to interact with and share information, many companies feel it’s difficult to keep tabs on what people really think. At Equation, we’re used to challenging Brand Equity and Strategy projects that require unique thinking and solutions.

  • brandVITAL – is our Brand Equity and Strategy service. Some of the recent work we’ve done includes…

-Helping a client re-think their current customer segmentation by taking a needs and occasion based approach that opened up significant new opportunities and alerted them to previously hidden threats.

-Using a max-diff analysis approach to rank over 300 product attributes to help guide a client’s R&D efforts in the right direction.

-Using a combination of social media monitoring, website mock ups and interactive ad testing to understand the overall brand impact of a major 6 month multi-channel campaign.

Concept Testing

We abhor black-box solutions to concept testing. They might be good for suppliers, but they rarely result in happy clients. Why? Because few black-box solutions take into account the diverse needs clients have when brainstorming, prototyping, and test-launching new products and services.

  • conceptLAB – is our concept testing service that utilizes an array of techniques that can be used at the beginning, middle and end of a concept development process. Depending on when in your concept development process you need research input, we can customize a solution using (but not limited to); Choice Modeling; Monadic/Sequential cell testing; Price Optimization; Market Sizing; Hybrid Qualitative (online and in-person); Mind Share; Driver Analysis, and more.

Advertising Testing and Tracking

Be it online, traditional or very untraditional advertising and marketing, we have a system to test and track it.

  • adLAB – our proprietary testing and optimization service for communication concepts, executions or fully developed campaigns. We use a combination of extensive testing knowledge, innovative survey question design, normative scores and more complex choice analysis to pick apart what works and what doesn’t.
  • adIQ – our tracking system for your campaign – across single or multiple channels. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to communications tracking. Gone are the days of single survey ad tracking. Today, you need to consider quantitative, online qualitative, social media and customer data monitoring to truly see the whole story. We help you integrate these sources into a single view.

Community Panels

Equation brings a long history of understanding how to recruit and manage panels on behalf of our customers. We marry decades of experience in survey recruitment and participation with technology that allows for the seamless building and maintenance of customer panels.

  • communityPULSE – is our proprietary panel development tool. Unlike other companies that largely sell you a set of technology products and some junior support time, at Equation we run the panel on your behalf. We deal with recruitment, panel communication, survey development and general panel health. We also have in-house analytics tools that allow you access to not just panel related data, but can pull together customer and panel data into one seamless analytical environment.

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