Introducing communityLAB

communityLAB – Equation’s Approach to Panel Building

Equation has developed proprietary panels since our inception. Because we design, program, field and manage entire online panels in-house, we have a great deal of freedom to shape the design and scope of a potential panel to meet the specific needs of clients.

We believe in removing as much pain from the process as possible for our clients. Instead of leaving you with a self-service software tool, Equation takes the reins on recruiting, engagement, research execution, reporting, customer service, tech support and ongoing panel/portal maintenance. This lets our clients focus on what’s most important – listening to the voice of their customers and building a two-way conversation.

Advantages for research and insights:

• Speed and cost – surveys can be programmed and released to a panel at a fraction of the time and cost that it takes to do traditional research. Having on-demand access to your target audience via a panel instead of having to recruit them from third-party sample providers also makes for faster, more cost-effective research
• Accuracy – with a proprietary panel you always know exactly what you get. You have complete control over the recruitment of a panel so you know you are talking to the right people
• Efficiency – all of the member information you collect is stored so you develop an ongoing body of knowledge on a respondent level basis and you don’t need to continually ask the same questions (age, gender, etc.)

To learn more, you can download Equation’s guide to panel building, including tips for panel recruitment/creation, engagement tools, best practices and ways that a panel can be leveraged for customer insights.

Please complete the form below (all fields are optional) to download the PDF. Or feel free to contact us to discuss how we would approach your specific situation.