A truly unique business model that makes a difference you can feel

  • We’re a distributed company - we’ve never had an office, and we never want one.
  • We’re committed to hiring the best and brightest talent, wherever they live (or aspire to live).
  • Everyone loves the model. We’re all fully invested in keeping the dream of a distributed company alive – which means making your experience of doing research with us exceptional.
  • Our low-overhead, high human-capital and technology mix delivers you world-class research at favorable costs.


Innovative technology that empowers our team and our clients to do great work

  • As a distributed company, technology is in our DNA.
  • It makes us fast, efficient and flexible (and on good days, downright remarkable!).
  • We’re committed to investing in technology that has a tangible benefit to our clients – be that in survey development, management, reporting or analysis.
  • It’s all about removing barriers to the real important stuff – solving your research and business problems.


Where practical solutions meet inspired thinking

  • Not all research fits into a neat box. We’re about tailoring solutions for your unique circumstances, not the other way around.
  • Humans aren’t lab rats. They’re complicated, contextual, and emotional beings that require nuance and detail to understand.
  • Data doesn’t solve business problems – focused, thoughtful, experienced and knowledgeable people with the right data do.


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